Tatyana Kostyrina

Tatyana Ignatovna Kostyrina
Native name
Татьяна Игнатовна Костырина
Kropotkin, Krasnodar Krai, Soviet Union
Died22 November 1943
Kerch, Crimea
Allegiance Soviet Union
Years of service1942–1943
RankJunior Sergeant
Unit691st Rifle Regiment
Battles/warsEastern Front of World War II 
AwardsHero of the Soviet Union

Tatyana Kostyrina (Russian: Татьяна Костырина, 1924 – 22 November 1943) was a Junior Sergeant in the 691st Rifle Regiment of the 383rd Rifle Division during World War II. She was posthumously awarded the title Hero of the Soviet Union on 16 May 1944.

Civilian life

Kostyrina was born in 1924 to a Ukrainian peasant family in Kropotkin, Krasnodar. Not much else is known about her life before she joined the Red Army other than that she graduated from eight classes of secondary school before she joined the military.[1]

Military career

Kostyrina joined the Red Army in August 1942 and graduated from sniper courses. She fought as a sniper in the 691st Rifle Regiment of the 383rd Rifle Division, Separate Coastal Army in battles for Kuban, Kerch, and Crimea. She died in the battle for Adzhimushka, in which she killed 15 enemies after taking over the duties of the battalion commander, leading her battalion into the flight and remaining on the battlefield even after she was wounded in hand-to-hand combat. In a fight in the trenches a German soldier rushed at her but Kostyrina shot him first only to be killed by a stray enemy bullet. In total throughout her military career she killed 120 enemy combats,[2] for which she was recommended for the title Hero of the Soviet Union the day she died in battle by Major-General Gorbachev, which was posthumously awarded in 1944 with an Order of Lenin.[3][4]

She was buried in a mass grave in Adzhimushka but later reburied in a military cemetery in Kerch. A statue honoring her remains in Crimea as well as several streets named in her honor.[1]

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