The Walls-of-the-Ruler was a fortification, or possibly a whole string of them, built by Amenemhat I in the 14th nome of Lower Egypt to protect the eastern approaches to Egypt.[1] It succeeded the Old Kingdom Walls-of-Sneferu.[2]

The Walls-of-the-Ruler are mentioned in the Tale of Sinuhe[3] and in the so-called Prophecy of Neferti.[4] No remains have been found.[1]. New Kingdom depictions show forts which had a secured supply of water and were surrounded by crocodile-infested ditches or canals which were spanned by bridges.[2]

In popular culture

A fictionalized version of the Walls-of-the-Ruler are present in the first DLC (The Hidden Ones) of the 2017 video game, Assassin's Creed Origins. Unlike real life accounts of it, it is located on the Sinai Peninsula, rather than mainland Egypt.


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